LiveATC Air Radio App Reviews

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From a Pilot

Ive been flying for years and I gotta say, this is the site/app that helped me learn communication with Air Traffic Control. Talking to ATC is like second nature to me because of this. Amazing app to have! However, see if you can get KSAN Clearance and ground on there for us? Keep up the great work! - CF

Time for an update eh?

This software was last updated in 2015, time for an update pleeeeeeeease. Thanks. 5 stars for the fact that its live atc and it works.

Discontinued Airports

I bought this app to listen to the air traffic for our local airport, which is a regional airport. The app vendors have since discontinued making that airport available. Not what I paid for.

Bravo Zulu

This APP takes you Live - Right in the action - Either at the Control Tower or in the Captains Chair on the plane itself. To listen how the Controllers coordinate with the Pilots every step of way from Contact Approach to Descent to Final Approach or from Contact Departure to Take Off to Positive Climb to Course and Speed - This APP lets you listen to it all. And these people are amazing people! They are responsible for our lives for when we fly and I have a tremendous amount of respect for both the Air Traffic Controllers and the Pilots. I find myself listening to this APP more than my Music APP and that says a lot right there. I would like to hopefully listen to the ATIS/ASOS for KIAH or KHOU here in Houston, TX. Nevertheless, Great APP and Well Done!

Love listening to ATC

Its fun to listen to the different parts of the world and how different ATC is and how much it is the same.

Perfect for listening to Air Traffic Control

Get it! This app is legit!

Great when its working

Fun to listen when its actually working. The live feeds from Chicago Ohare have been down since July 9. Their story is that theyve been moving equipment. Give me a break! For two months? Come on! Lets get it working again!

Great app for LAX

I use this app for the LAX airport and works great. 100% Accurate

Very good, needs one thing

Needs a Now Playing button on the Home page/tab and or on the Toolbar at the bottom.

Yyc outdated

the airport map is outdated by atleast 2years, doesnt show the new 14,000 ft runway


An amazing app! It is very clear to hear the pilots and controllers (sometimes more difficult if you dont know what they are saying) but the quality and the amount of airports offered is fantastic!!!

Very nice

Great app just would be nice if the ability to listen to recording archives was available like the website. Other than that the app is fantastic

Great App, Great Support

Best ATC app out there. Great support too. Had an issue, emailed them, got an immediate reply with the fix. Just wish my hometown, CMH, had a live stream.


No long beach airport. Too bad.

Rip off

I live in FL and home FBO is Venice, FL and Key West International Airport with stops all over FL and I would not have bought this had I known very limited airports are on it! Dont buy this APP!

Awesome App - a must for every aviation enthusiast

Awesome app - reliable and intuitive !

Fun for enthusiasts

Paired with a flight-tracking app, this one makes listening in on far-flung reaches that much more enjoyable. If there is another update Id love to see some kind of chat function, access to the interesting recordings on their website, and time of day included on each airports listings.

Love it!

Im a University of North Dakota flight student and it works great for me. I use it all the time.


Love it. Great variety of airports and channels and kudos to those volunteers that make this such a fun app


App doesnt play any audio at all!! Give me back my money.

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