LiveATC Air Radio App Reviews

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Very good and complete app!

Very good and complete app, its worth buying it if you are interested in listening to the air traffic controllers and pilots from all over the world!

Great app

Would like airport webcams to be included in the app


Very good but it would be better if we get LFPG (CDG airport is missing which is such a pity !!!)

Very good

Très bonne apli Manque des terrain Français ! LFPG LFPO ...LFMD

À very good product

Its just missing UK receivers, including french Chanel islands and more french receivers


Superbe application......

Real ATC

Really really good for listening to Air Traffic Control. For me its a supper great app for aviation lovers. My rating would be 9/10 because there isnt every airport in the world but there is a lot. If you like ATC I advice you to buy it !!! For plus on this app you have airport charts and weather information. If you love the communication you heard you can post it on Facebook...



Very helpful app

Nice for training when youre not familiar with an airport. Good app. Please fix the problem with Bluetooth. When you connect a device on Bluetooth the sound still come from the iPhone. Tks.

Not as useful as the website

The live is still ok, but no access to the archives... Deserves to be updated this way.

Great APP

Very nice application which allows even for professional pilots to get used to R/T procedures all around the world! Long live liveatc.

Very good +

You can listen tower and app from the majors airport of the world.


Muito bom app


Atendeu minhas expectativas.

Great app for pilots!

English for pilots all around the world!


Nice Job! Amazing application


This program is amazingggggg

Damn app

Ive payd the app, but the app was deleted fron my account. This is not correct and Ill report to Apple.

No more SBGR-SBGL ?

Unbelievable! No more Guarulhos Int and Galeao! App deleted from my mobile!!


I had a problem but it was fixed. Great app!

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